CPC Kids (Children's church) is set up for our 4-12 years old. It takes place during the message (talk) part of the church service.

The children learn about faith and how to relate to God in a way they can understand and is fun and suitable for their age. They listen to stories from the Bible, play games, do crafts, sing songs, watch videos, play music and dance and have a great time!


At CPC Kids we care to provide a supportive environment for our children to grow up in, where they know how to look for the best in others and where they learn how to speak words of life, learning how to carry the presence of God everywhere they go.

Our goal is to contribute towards raising up a generation of world changers, empowered to make good choices for their lives and with their lives. 

We want them to know that they have incredible value. And when they hit rough patches they are at ease to talk to God as with a friend. 


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The creche is available during the church services for under 4 years olds.

This is also where mums and babies also get together during the week.
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