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CPC Kids (recommended for 4-11 yrs old) are starting a series based on Christian foundations and exploring what it means for a child or young person to be a Christian. How should they live, what do they need to understand, and who do they need to aspire to be like? The lessons are themed on topics such as hope, courage, making a difference in your world and following God.  (Sept 2023)


At CPC Kids we care to provide a supportive environment for our children to grow up in, where they know how to look for the best in others and where they learn how to speak words of life, learning how to carry the presence of God everywhere they go.

Our goal is to contribute towards raising up a generation of world changers, empowered to make good choices for their lives and with their lives. 

We aim to help them understand that they have incredible value. And when they hit rough patches they are at ease to talk to God as with a friend. 

cpc littles

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If you are a parent of little ones, we have a comfortable space prepared for you and your children to be able to enjoy the church service. The service is shown on a screen

and there is a multitude of age-appropriate toys available to choose from.

Teen titans

The Teen Titans (recommended for 12-16 yrs old) are starting an Alpha Youth series (Sept 2023), which is all about having honest conversations about some of life's big questions. Topics at Alpha Youth include: Who is Jesus, why did he die, how do I read the Bible, how do I pray,

who is the Holy Spirit, and does God heal today?

Snacks are plentiful, and conversations are always great. And the treat (trip?) at the end of this series is the best we've had yet!!!

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